What they say about Janet...

"I personally would like to thank you for performing at my wedding.  A very great applause for you and there are inquiries on your too.  All th best in your singing career and I hope to hear more about you more.  Do update us if you are jazzing in town."

Deanna Jalaluddin & Mazlan Mahayuddin

May 2, 2009

"Mark and I would like to thank you for a great performance, you and Leonard on the night for the 3rd. All my friends thought you were wonderful! My overseas guests all highly recommend you. Thank you once again!"
Jessica & Mark Britten, Jan 3, 2009

"Janet, your stage presence and charisma have mesmerized all our guests at our Annual Managing Director/CEO year end party. We hope to have your presence graced our future events."
Bryan Lee, Director, Corporate Marketing
on performance at Samsung Annual Year End Appreciation Party
Dec 12, 2008

" What more can I say? All my guests are asking for you...that shows more than words can express right? We all enjoyed your repertoire - of music render to all."
Arthur Ching & Selina Lim
Dec 7, 2008

"Our guests were delighted with your selection of Chinese and Western songs and the whole evening was a resounding success."

Graeme Evans, Chief Executive Officer
OBE Insurance Malaysia Berhad
on performance at OBE Achievers Awards Shanghai Nite

June 19, 2008

"Janet, thank you for the good show last night. Clients and guests loved you, they said you were awesome and your voice was perfect!"
Angeline Toeh, Creative & Communications Director
Toniq Creative Management
on performance at The Curve Black & Gold Gala Night - Fashion Week
May 4, 2008

"Janet, you were absolutely fantastic in our wedding!! We received many glowing compliments from our friends and relatives on your singing. You nailed all the songs to perfection, and my favorite was of course "At Last" which you sang it wonderfully. I almost teared up.

Even our friends enjoyed those few Chinese oldies, much to our surprise because I thought only those from the older generation will appreciate them. During the dinner, my mum whispered to me, "your grandma is really enjoying the songs!" We truly and thoroughly enjoyed the wedding, and we believe it was your performance, and your camaraderie with James, who by the way did such an amazing job as an emcee as well, that made our wedding so fun, really memorable and beautiful! Thank you so much!"
Grace Kon & William Chong
Jan 12, 2008

"Just want to thank you for your fabulous delivery during the dinner, a lot of our guests asked about you after the dinner. The bosses from many big corporations, including my colleagues & bosses from Public bank Bhd., all became your instant admirers. The lovely card you left on the dining table were all snapped up by the guests for souvenirs and future contacts/referrals.Thank you for making our wedding reception a happy and memorable event. We definitely look forward to seeing you at our friends' functions in the near future! Keep up your sunny spirit to sing for happiness!"
Mr & Mrs Paul Tan, Jocelyn Tan & Ng Teik Kien
Dec 15, 2007

"Thank you for a wonderful show tonight! You were a hit with the the crowd!"
TP Lim 
Emcee & organiser

Dharma Drum Mountain Fund Raising Dinner
Nov 9, 2007

"Thank you so much for your wonderful performance, all our friends and relatives enjoyed your singing very much! You are one interactive singer, and feedback from all is that you have such a good voice. Loved your selection of songs too (I know my brother did play a part in this). Everyone enjoyed that evening, and you played a very important role in making the event a success."
Choy Yen Li & Chan Seng Kitt
Oct 21, 2007

"I want to thank you for making my wedding a great one!"
Joanne & Paul Benett
June 2, 2007

"I know a performer in The Magic Flute. The name of this spellbinding creature is Janet Lee, and if you've ever been privileged to be in her presence, you would very likely have heard her chirp: 'I don't sing because I'm happy; am happy because I sing.' The thought came to me as I watched do things with her lips (mouth acrobatics?) that few people would ever be able to master even if they trained without interruption in a monastery for decades. 'Pa-pa-pa-pa-papageno' she went, like a steam train at full speed, like Diana King kenachilli padi, confessing her love for some sort of bird-man. I was so aroused."
Damian Tan, reviewer
Malay Mail
on Mozart's Magic Flute in concert, March 22-25, 2007
March 31, 2007

"I particularly liked the lively Papageno / Papagena duet -- flirtatious and cheerful `love song’ with a “pa-pa-pa” refrain that was fun to listen to and to watch. It also featured Janet, whose flirtatious and vivacious touch to her character connected to the audience -- this song earned the loudest applause!"
Jess C, reviewer
on Mozart's Magic Flute in concert, March 22-25, 2007
March 30, 2007

"Your performance is outstanding to those in theatre viewing. On the whole the program was entertaining the whole night."
Jennifer Kuan
Emcee & Organiser
Royal Lake Club Harriers Gong Xi Fa Cai Run 
Feb 27, 2007

"The night was capped by a musical performance by local songstress Janet Lee, who gave reveting renditions of several reworked jazz numbers in English, French & Spanish as well as a few classic Mandarin love songs."
The Sun
on SKOL Beer World Fest Launch
Nov 23, 2006

"It was a great performance, you can really sing! The guests who could appreciate the performance loved it and asked who you were!"
Kok Pooi San
Carlsberg Marketing Malaysia
SKOL Beer World Fest Launch
Nov 7, 2006

"I was trying to go for an 'Old Shanghai' theme for my reception. The typical wedding banquet setup provided by the hotel was standard-issue; so I roped in my friend, a set designer, to create a simple, stylish backdrop for the stage. The next best thing I did was to hire Janet. She came through for us in an unbelievably short period with jazzy numbers that reflected the mood we were going for. We had heard from friends who had attended a charity performance early this year about her camaraderie with the audience and her no-airs approach (apart from The Voice, of course). Believe it or not, I had decided I wanted Janet even though neither my husband nor I had heard a peep out of her! A bonus - a very thoughtful one - was how she got all excited about the theme. Being a flea market junkie, Janet had amassed some vintage cheongsams and wore a beautiful timeless one with a peony in her hair. The whole look was perfect as she sang the song for our first dance."
Anita Anadarajah & Foo Khong
Sep 16, 2006

"On our wedding night, a lot of things didn't really go well as we wished for ...but as Janet started to sing, her graceful and soothing voice calmed us down and made us smile as if to tell us to let go of things that were bothering us, and to cherish the moment of being married to each other. And we did. Our wedding might not be perfect, but we were glad to have found a perfect wedding singer for the perfect moments. It was just simply magical. Thank you Janet."
Grace and Koh
Nov 12, 2005

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